Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet Sigma Realty's Eric Coulter!

Eric Coulter
“Nobody works harder than Eric to make a deal happen and get a house sold.” – David Saulters, Co-owner Sigma Realty

Licensed as a Realtor since 2007, Eric Coulter’s real estate experience started among the historic hills of Vicksburg, journeyed along the fast paced city streets of our state capital, and now delves deep among his Pinebelt roots where he was born and raised. 

A graduate of Bassfield High School, Eric attended Jones County Junior College and The University of Southern Mississippi. His wife, Laura, is a graduate of Prentiss Christian School,   Pearl River Community College and The University of Southern Mississippi.  Formerly a teacher and coach at Vicksburg High School, she is currently entering her fourth year at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Hattiesburg as the head girls basketball coach, head fast pitch softball coach and Assistant Athletic Director.  Their three children also attend Sacred Heart. With a family life surrounding the kids sports of basketball and baseball, the couple’s hobby of fantasy football leagues and involvement as members of St. Thomas Catholic Church, they also take time out to enjoy grilling and hanging out with the children.

As a licensed Realtor with Sigma Realty, I recently asked Eric to share more about his work experience and life growing up in our rural community.

Tell me about growing up on the farm with both chicken houses and cattle.

My family actually had two farms we worked at the same time.  One was close to Sumrall and the other in Bassfield.  We had chicken houses and cows at both, typically between 80 – 100 head of cattle and up to 6 chicken houses.   At JCJC I also studied animal and plant science. 

In addition to farming land, what other kind of land are you familiar

I grew up hunting and know the ins and outs of land for hunting clubs.  As a realtor I have worked with people to teach them about qualification and appraisals of them.

Your realty experience spans a large gamut including property from $30,000 to $750,000?

Yes. I started in realty while living in Vicksburg when I joined the Coldwell Banker All-Stars.  It was during that time I sold the historic Governor McNutt House.  I also worked with a lot of employees with the Corp of Engineers, Entergy’s Nuclear Power Plant and first time homebuyers.  From rural areas to middle of town, I have no problems changing hats. 

Tell me about your philosophy working with first time homebuyers.

My dad and my wife are teachers, and that’s a big influence.  I want to teach people how to buy a house so they will feel comfortable and understand why they are doing certain things, so when they are ready to buy their second home, they will have confidence and a better idea of the process.

You and Laura chose to return to the Pinebelt to live and raise your family.  What can a client expect when choosing you to help them buy or sell here?

I know the area, I grew up here.  As a Sigma Realtor, I have sold houses for clients from the Avenues in Hattiesburg to some of the most rural areas of Forrest, Lamar, Covington, Jefferson Davis, and surrounding areas. If you call, I answer my phone 24/7.  If you need a document picked up at your job, I go by to get it so you won’t have to take off work.  I believe in communication on a weekly basis so you know what is going on with your property.  I am here to meet your needs.

For more information you can contact Eric Coulter at 601-529-9448 or  To view current listings go to

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